Technicon has been in the business of drilling for over a 15 years and throughout this time we have prided ourselves on offering quality services and accountability. Listed below is a description of our drill rigs and their capabilities.

CME-45 4×4

This vehicle is equipped with four wheel drive and smaller dimensions to access areas where larger more cumbersome drill rigs cannot; the top portion of the mast can also be removed to allow drilling inside existing buildings or structures with a minimum height of 15’. This drill rig can be used for geotechnical drilling, environmental drilling, and shallow ground water monitoring wells, vapor wells, and well demolition or abandonment. This drill rig is not equipped to drill more than 5’ to 10’ below ground water due to surging in the auger and causing disturbance to geotechnical samples. The depth limitations on this drill rig are between 50’ and 60’ below the surface depending on the site soil conditions. The auger selections for this drill rig consist of 4” straight flight, 7.5” hollow stem auger, and 8.5” hollow stem auger.

CME-55 4×4

This drill rig is equipped with four wheel drive, a 20,000 pound winch, and plenty of ground clearance. The total depth capabilities of this truck with hollow-stem auger is 150’ below ground surface and up to 250’ below ground surface using mud rotary and rock coring. Monitoring wells of 2” and 4” diameter can be installed up to depths of 150’ using hollow stem auger and 250’ using the mud rotary method. We also offer the installation of vapor monitoring wells up to 4” diameter. This drill rig is capable of pumping bentonite and neat cement slurry for back filling borings or well abandonment.


This drill rig can be used in moderate terrain conditions; the total depth capabilities of the drill rig are 150’ below the ground surface depending on the site soil conditions. This drill rig is capable of drilling in ground water conditions using the mud rotary method and is also equipped with a pump for back filling boring holes with bentonite or neat cement slurry. Installation of all the well types and use of all the same auger types listed above are included in the capabilities of this drill rig.


Our Sampling apparatuses consist of Standard Penetration Test (spt), California sampler, 5’ continuous sampler, and 2” Environmental sampler.


All of our drillers are either class A or B licensed, 40 hour HAZWOPER trained, and CPR certified.


Our wide ranging experience includes commercial buildings, schools, government facilities, residential subdivisions, landfill mitigation gas plans, ground water monitoring wells, vapor monitoring wells, well destruction or abandonment, and environmental sampling for buried tanks and contaminants.

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