Technicon offers experienced knowledge of regulations and industry standards regarding all aspects of the type of site assessment and environmental services that our clients may need. We recognize the importance of protecting our clients from unknowingly acquiring contaminated or environmentally impacted land. All of our services are prepared in accordance with the appropriate governing regulations and industry accepted standards. For Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, we perform the work using standards and guidelines presented in the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Designation E 1527, ASTM Standards on Environmental Site Assessments for Commercial Real Estate. For Phase II Investigations, our services are completed in accordance with the requirements of, and most up-to-date guidelines established by, local, state, and federal regulatory requirements. We can also provide sampling and testing for lead and asbestos.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
The potential for properties to be affected by hazardous materials and petroleum products is a significant liability in California and throughout the United States. The potential for properties to be affected by contamination resulting from previous or existing site operations is also a concern. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is prepared as a condition of sale or purchase of a property to satisfy the requirements of lending institutions and to provide protection from liability from investigation and remediation under CERCLA. The US EPA has recently instituted the All Appropriate Inquires (AAI) rule, which adds requirements for the completion of a Phase I ESA intended to provide CERCLA protection. We provide this report in a timely manner to minimize your risk and to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision regarding the property.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Phase II ESAs are often initiated by a Phase I investigation.  Phase II ESAs are conducted to evaluate a site to determine the presence or absence of environmental contamination by conceptualizing subsurface and contaminant conditions to adequately address and perform site investigations. These investigations characterize the nature and define the extent of contamination of soil and/or groundwater at a site. Typically, these studies involve the drilling of exploratory borings, designing and installing of monitoring wells, and the collection and analysis of soil, groundwater, or soil gas samples. Technicon Phase II investigations are conducted in accordance with generally accepted industry standards, ASTM Standards related to the Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Process, and all federal, state, and local guidelines and regulations.

Contaminated Site Investigations

Technicon staff have provided the full range of site investigation services at over 200 sites contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, solvents, PCB’s,pesticides, and heavy metals. Many of these investigations required the implementation of procedures to meet the requirements of federal, state, and local government agencies. We have the resources and experience to complete all phases of a site investigation, as well as implement compliance monitoring programs as required by the regulating agencies.

Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos containing materials (ACMs) were frequently used in the construction industry up until the late 1970’s. Technicon has the qualified personnel (Certified Asbestos Consultant) to assess a property for the presence of ACMs. The assessment typically consists of a visual inspection of the property and the collection of representative samples for analysis. The analytical results are presented in a report, which includes an evaluation of the results and recommendations, if warranted. For those sites where the removal of ACMs is required, Technicon offers the services of a Certified Asbestos Supervisor that can further assist the client in asbestos abatement.

Seismic Assessments

As with environmental risks, the potential for a property to be located in a seismically active area is a liability concern. Technicon has the most up-to-date resources and qualified personnel to complete Seismic Assessments for properties throughout California. The seismic assessments are designed to evaluate existing and potential seismic conditions in the vicinity of the site and to assess whether the site is subject to seismic hazards. The investigation consists of a visual inspection of the subject property and observable geologic conditions, and a review of published literature and resources to determine proximity to fault zones, seismic zoning, regional seismicity, and evaluation of secondary seismic hazards (liquefaction, ground rupture, etc.).

Environmental Compliance Audits

The Technicon team has assisted a variety of clients in evaluating their compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations. We take the guesswork out of your compliance programs by conducting a critical review of your facility operations. From this critical review, we will identify those items that need to be addressed by your business, and present recommendations on how this can best be accomplished. Compliance is most successful when it is incorporated into the daily work practices of your business.

Environmental Management and Permitting

In today’s maze of federal, state, and local regulations concerning the management of hazardous materials, environmental permitting is one of the keys to achieving effective compliance. Technicon has provided assistance in obtaining air, water, and waste permits for industrial clients and remedial projects. We make it our business to maintain up-to-date information on permitting requirements and maintain strong working relationships with all involved regulatory agencies.

Evaluation and Implementation of Remedial Actions

At Technicon we will fully evaluate the site conditions and develop a summary of potential remedial alternatives. In most instances, there are several remedial alternatives that are feasible for a specific type of contamination. These alternatives typically vary in capital costs, operation and maintenance costs, and time required to complete the site remediation. The various benefits and costs of each alternative are listed and evaluated, and the most appropriate remedial alternative is presented to you for review. Once a remedial action has been chosen, Technicon can prepare a Remedial Action Plan . The remediation of soil and/or groundwater can be a long and costly process. For this reason we employ qualified personnel who are continuously updated and certified in the most state-of-the-art remedial technologies, including;

  • Enhanced Bioremediation
  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Sparging
  • Aeration and Bioventing
  • Contaminant Excavation and Disposal
  • Thermal Desorption Remediation
  • Natural Attenuation and Enhanced Remediation Attenuation

Underground Storage Tank Management

Technicon has the experience and technical capabilities to successfully manage simple or complex underground storage tank (UST) projects while addressing the issues of applying appropriate technologies, controlling costs, and meeting deadlines. We offer a complete range of environmental services for the investigation, monitoring, design, and remediation of UST sites. Our staff has been helping clients comply with the complex UST regulations since the inception of the California UST program in 1985. In California, our staff has provided UST services for major oil companies, a variety of public and government agencies, industrial clients, and private enterprise.

National Environmental Policy Act Compliance

The National Environmental Policy Act Compliance of 1969 requires all improvement projects on federal land, projects involving federal funds, projects undertaken by a federal agency, and projects undertaken by an entity directly regulated by a federal agency be subject to a thorough environmental investigation. This investigation is designed to demonstrate the benefits and consequences of undertaking a proposed action. Technicon prepares Environmental Assessments and Checklist Reports depending on regulatory requirements.