We pattern each geotechnical investigation to meet the specific needs of the site based on previous land use and natural conditions.

Our staff has a thorough knowledge of shallow and deep foundation systems, local soil conditions, site preparation and earthwork specifications. Field and laboratory services include complete drilling, testing, and engineering.

The highly trained staffs of civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, and geologists have extensive experience with expansive clays, collapsible soils, and slope stability, clay liners and shallow groundwater. Our staffs of field technicians are thoroughly trained in all aspects of earthwork construction and evaluations of field conditions related to our geotechnical studies.

The scope of field and laboratory services for each project is customized to meet the needs of the client. Our studies range from non-complex soils analysis reports to extensive geotechnical investigations and seismic analyses including liquefaction, seismic site response and maximum and probable earthquakes.

Our modern state-of-the-art laboratories offer a complete range of equipment to perform soils testing and evaluations for geotechnical requirements.

We take great care in the preparation of complete, clear, and concise reports that offer practical and cost-effective conclusions and recommendations. Recommendations are conceived after a thorough assessment of all site conditions and factors. Each detailed report includes a comprehensive evaluation of subsurface conditions at the project site to provide geotechnical engineering design parameters and recommendations for use in building and pavement design and preparation of construction specifications.