TECHNICON has created a full-service testing and inspection program that is one of the best in the state. Materials testing and inspection are a key part of what TECHNICON is all about. A combination of experts in steel, concrete, masonry and earthen materials allows us to provide a wide range of construction materials testing and inspection services. TECHNICON has provided materials testing and special inspections for private industry, hospitals, schools, government agencies, and the military.

Our unique project management strategy emphasizes effective communication with on-site construction supervisors to ensure that the required tests and inspections are performed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Because of our commitment to providing superior client service, resolution of project issues can be accomplished without compromising work quality or schedule.

TECHNICON Engineering Services, Inc., has full service laboratories for providing all phases of materials testing. Our equipment is kept up-to-date and properly calibrated for accurate test results.

The success of any project depends on both the technical expertise and the management skill of the project staff. TECHNICON Engineering Services, Inc., staff have significant expertise in all aspects of materials testing and inspections projects. From our strategically located offices, we are able to respond to the needs of our clients throughout central California. TECHNICON maintains a staff of highly qualified and experienced inspectors to support the quality control requirements of each project. Our inspectors are certified by both local and national agencies in numerous disciplines, and have extensive experience working with applicable building codes and specifications. The experience and diversity of our staff provides our clients a convenient single source for all testing and inspection needs.